Remaining Sounds Discussion

Breathy /wh/ as heard in what, when and where. This sound, heard in some English accents, lacks enough distinctiveness to warrant its own digraph. Spell these with w. wut, wen, wair.

/o(r)/ sound as heard in for, door, core. This sound maps to ōr and doesn’t need its own digraph. Spell these fōr, dōr, kōr.

/u(r)/ sound as heard in first, fern, work, heard. The /u(r)/ sound is identical to the /r/ sound and in Legacy Spelling is spelled 19 different ways. Solar Spell’s second foundational principle, “spell each unique sound one unique way” means /u(r)/ is spelled the same as /r/: with an r as in red. This creates vowel-less words such as frst, frn, wrk and hrd. These letter patterns are likely to unsettle a Legacy reader’s pattern recognizer.

Schwa is an unstressed vowel sound that is weaker or softer than its stressed counterpart as heard in balloon, problem, bottom. Schwa is functionally identical to short u, so Solar Spell writes these as buloon, problum, botum. In some accents the schwa is heard at the ends of words such as under pronounced as un-duh. Generally, accent-specific spelling shouldn’t be favored over consistency. Under should be spelled undr. See the discussion on accents for more.

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