Accomplish the Impossible

Spelling improvement has been attempted and failed over the centuries. Both Benjamin Franklin and President Roosevelt were defeated by the primal forces that naturally resist improved spelling. But now that those forces are identified and understood they can be overcome. Our generation has the resources and infrastructure to bend the future in a better direction. Here’s the path to improve billions of lives.

Phase 0: Pre-launch (current phase)


  • Light the spark: Attract 1,000 champions via Worlds Apart & Dum-b Spelling.
  • Field expert advisors to guide the Solar Spell specifications from draft to final.
  • Incorporate as 501(c) non-profit
  • Raise funding for Phase 1

Phase 1: Educational buildout & Grassroots


  • Create official Solar Spell dictionary
  • Solve technological obstacles that thwart experimentation and adoption (such as autocorrect)
  • Create educational tools (web & print) that teach Solar Spell
  • Grassroots awareness campaign begins
  • Raise funding for Phase 2

Phase 2: Worldwide Campaign

Overcome inertia and emotional pattern resistance through a worldwide awareness campaign that moves Solar Spell from unfamiliar and distrusted to familiar and preferred.